Christina & Brett

Bedford Village Inn


Our wedding took place on a beautiful, unseasonably warm October day in New Hampshire.  All photos on this page were taken by A Photographic Memory out of Hooksett, NH.  Please give credit where it's due.

As part of our ceremony, we honored each of our parents by having them stand for a moment as the JP read out loud how none of this could have happened without their love and support.

After they were seated, we moved into the blessing of the rings.  This works best with a small wedding (unless you have a long mass or ceremony to continue it through), and it's best to get the process started right from the beginning.  Our JP gave the instructions to pass the rings around while he continued with the ceremony, and asked everyone to touch the rings and give a blessing or wish to them, so that everyone in attendance would play a part in our wedding.  We used the half of our spirit orb that said "To Hold" to pass the rings around in, which helped keep them together.

When the rings had finished their journey, they were brought back to the front, and we proceeded with our vows and the ring exchange.

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